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Rules of conduct during the Corona Pandemic


For your and my safety 2G (+) applies during the appointment. Your certificate of vaccination will be checked at the beginning of the appointment. In addition, I ask you to take a covid test before the appointment. You are welcome to send me the results beforehand or present them at the appointment. You must wear an FFP mask over your mouth and nose during the entire appointment. If you test positive or experience any symptoms of illness, please reschedule your appointment in advance. Please come to the appointment alone to keep contacts at a minimum. Please be fair and do not make an appointment unless you can meet these requirements.


How do I make an appointment with you?


You can make an appointment with me via Instagram, email or via text on WhatsApp. You can find more info under contact. 


(Please choose one way of communication and don't contact me on multiple channels at the same time, so I can keep track of our conversation at a glance :-) )


Do you tattoo minors?


No. To be tattooed by me you must be at least 18 years old at the time of your appointment.


What do you need for a complete request?


Your request should include the following information: Tattoo Idea (Wanna Do or your own idea), approximate size, placement, photo of desired body part (where I can see your skin), reference images if you have any so I can get an idea of what you like.


Are there things you don't tattoo?


I don't tattoo political, religious, racist, sexist, and misanthropic motifs. In addition, I do not tattoo motifs that do not correspond to my style (e.g. realism) or that do not fulfill me creatively. Also, I do not tattoo lettering. I only tattoo my own designs (Wanna Dos and Custom Designs) and do not copy designs from others. In addition, I reserve the right to refuse any request for other personal reasons.


Can you cover scars?


In principle yes. However, this does not work with every scar and every design. Therefore, a complete request and especially a picture of the scar is necessary so that I can estimate the possibilities..


Do you also do cover ups?


Just as with the scars, it is always dependent on the underlying tattoo, the Individual motivation and the motif request. 

What does a tattoo cost?


Once you have sent me a complete request, which includes all the important information for me, I can give you a rough estimate of how much your tattoo will cost. The minimum price is 100€.


What about the deposit?


The deposit serves as security that you will show up for your appointment. After I can confirm the receipt of your deposit, my date proposal is also confirmed and the date is bindingly yours. The deposit can be paid in cash or by bank transfer. You can cancel your appointment up to 3 days before your appointment without forfeiting your deposit. In this case, the deposit will be issued to you as a credit, which you can use for an alternative appointment. If you are more than 30 minutes late for your appointment, the deposit will also be forfeited. A refund of the deposit is not possible.


What happens if I do not show up for my appointment?


Those who do not show up for their appointment without canceling or rescheduling will be blocked from any further appointment requests and will not be tattooed by me due to proven unreliability. This does not apply to those who cancel the appointment in due time.


What do I have to consider before the appointment?


Before the appointment you should be well rested and have had a good breakfast to prevent circulatory problems. I would also ask you to come to your appointment freshly showered. Please remember to wear comfortable (dark) clothes that can get dirty, in case the tattoo color makes it a bit messy. I ask you to be on time for your appointment (please neither too late nor too early). If you are traveling from far away, please allow enough time for the journey, as unforeseen events can always happen on your journey.


Also, please do not show up to your appointment under the influence of drugs or pregnant. Please show up healthy for your appointment and inform me in time about (short-term) illnesses so that we can find an alternative appointment. The last antibiotic intake should be at least 2 weeks in the past. If you regularly take medication that could affect the tattoo result, please inform me and clarify this medically if necessary. Please let me know if you have any mental issues that can effect the appointment. I'm not a psychological professional and I want you to be safe and be able to make my best work. If you have any triggers, let me know. You can always ask for a silent appointment as well.


Can I bring an accompanying person?


Unfortunately, accompanying persons are not possible. However, you are welcome to be brought and picked up.


What should I bring with me?


For longer sessions, I recommend that you pack a snack and definitely enough liquid. Sweet drinks and glucose (or similar) are optimal. You are also welcome to bring your own entertainment if it helps you to endure the pain. As long as you can keep still, everything is fine with me.


How do I take care of my fresh tattoo and when is it healed?


After I'm done tattooing, I wrap your fresh tattoo with either self-adhesive tattoo film or plastic wrap and drylock pad. The cling film should stay overnight and be removed the next morning. 


The tattoo film can be left on for up to three days and should not be removed at least overnight. If you are known to have a patch allergy, please let me know beforehand, as the possibility of an allergic reaction to the adhesive cannot be ruled out. If there is an allergic reaction (redness in the form of the film, itching, etc.) the tattoo film must be removed immediately. Soften the tattoo film best under the shower with lukewarm water and peel it off in the opposite direction of the motif, along the skin (not horizontally upwards!). 


After removing the cling film or tattoo film, please clean the area with unscented shower gel (available in any drugstore) and lukewarm water. Now let the tattoo air-dry or gently dab it with a paper towel (do not use a towel or toilet paper, as it may lint). Then apply a thin layer of a tattoo cream of your choice (also available at the studio) and reapply as needed (3-4 times a day). I recommend creaming the tattoo with a tattoo cream containing panthenol for 2 weeks, although the cream can be slowly phased out in the second week and you may switch to your usual moisturizer. The tattoo should not be wrapped again after removing the cling film or tattoo film, and at best should be allowed to heal in the air. Also, half-detached film should not be reattached but removed and replaced if necessary. If it is still oozing the day after tattooing, you should wrap it with cling film again overnight before going to bed, so that you do not stick to the bedclothes and possibly rip out ink.


For the next two weeks you should wear loose clothing that will not rub on the tattoo, such as bras, tight cuffs, rolled up sleeves and pant legs, etc.


It may take 2-8 weeks for the tattoo to heal completely, depending on the size and type of tattoo. During this time you should avoid bathing (swimming pool, lake,, bathtub, etc.), direct sunlight, sauna, solarium and anything else that could irritate the skin (such as shaving). I also recommend that you refrain from sports for two weeks.


With time your tattoo will start to itch, which is normal and a sign of healing. It is important not to scratch and nibble, so that no color breaks out and the motif can heal properly. There may be swelling depending on the body part, especially the following day. Hands and joints such as the elbow are particularly susceptible to this. The formation of a bark and peeling skin is also completely normal. Simply take care of the skin as usual and let it fall off on its own. Initially, a silver skin is formed on the tattoo, whereby the tattoo and its color intensity may appear somewhat dulled. This will also normalize after a few weeks and may take longer depending on the tattoo. 


If you have pets, make sure that you do not get any pet hair on your fresh tattoo. You may have to refrain from letting your furry companion sleep in bed with you for the first few weeks.


What if my tattoo is infected?


If your tattoo becomes infected within a few days of being inked, despite adhering to conscientious care, don't panic. Despite all efforts It can always happen that bacteria get into the wound, especially in places that lie a lot or on which there is a lot of movement. It is important to keep the inflammation dry and not to apply any more cream. If necessary, you can disinfect the inflamed area with pure alcohol (from the pharmacy). In any case, you should contact me. If the tattoo is festering, please do not hesitate to call a doctor and prescribe antibiotics if necessary.


What about touch ups?


It can happen that the skin in certain areas does not fully accept the color and areas fade. In this case, the skin can be re-pierced after a few weeks without any problems. Within six months, the re-piercing is included in the price. You should therefore let me know within the first eight weeks after the appointment if you would like to have a re-piercing. Please send me a current picture of your tattoo so that I can assess whether a re-piercing is necessary.


What colors do you use?


I use vegan tattoo colors of different brands, which are subject to the REACH regulation.

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