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 about the artist

I'm Carlie and a tattoo artist from Bremen (Germany).

I have loved to draw since kindergarten, which is why I was already creating my own comic books, filled with characters I had made up, in order to pursue my big dream: to become a comic artist one day. My works have always been inspired by pop culture as well as cartoon films and manga.


The desire to make a living off my art did not let go of me into adulthood. So I gathered all my courage and prepared a portfolio of drawings, while still studying media culture at university, that I used to introduce myself to the tattoo studio to learn tattooing..


Even today, my designs are often inspired by Japanese culture, such as anime. In addition, my art is inspired by nature, especially flora, fungi and fauna. I use influences of the neo-traditional style and combine cute (kawaii) elements with neo-Japanese influences. For this reason, my designs are often characterized by a combination of thick outlines and filigree details in both colored and black-grey tattoo designs.

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